Fast & Secure Web-hosting for Small Business

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Private Hosting on the JAGOS Dedicated Server

Perfect for small and startup businesses ‐ host your website & email on a dedicated UK server

I run a dedicated server in a UKFast data-centre, specifically for my clients’ websites. I offer a package that is more restricted than other standard hosting packages to ensure a greater level of security for all my clients and I manage every aspect personally.

Your hosting package is built around your requirements ‐ based on traffic and the type of content your website needs to hold. As your business grows, the server and resources grow with you. I regularly monitor all website performance and will suggest changes to ensure the best browsing experience for your visitors and customers.

Not all businesses benefit from a shared hosting platform. If you are running an online e-commerce solution, you may find that your own dedicated server is the more suitable solution. This issomething I can help with too. Contact me today to discuss all available options.

JAG/OS Server Features

  • Restricted Server Access
    Directly Controlled Secure Servers

    Most security breaches occur from users creating and executing poorly created scripts, or from poor configuration. My servers are only for the customers that I have created websites or applications. I closely monitor access & use.

    With this policy, I reduce the likelihood of the server being compromised by hackers.

  • Web Services Icon
    Providing your business the services it requires

    I don't advertise my server with deals to entice like "Unlimited Email/Bandwidth/Disk-Space". Such offers usual come with hidden terms and conditions that govern usage.

    Instead, I will provide you with what your business requires. As your business grows then you have the option to increase the capacity or speed of your package. I will recommend the best package for you.

  • UK Support Icon
    UK data center & support

    If something goes wrong with your website, I'll probably know about it before you do. The staff at the Data Center are based in the UK and are available to me 24/7/365

    Our Datacenter Engineers respond to me within 3 rings & are considered by many to be the best in the business.

  • Secure Backup Icon
    Weekly & monthly backups included

    I automatically back up your website every week as well as a secondary monthly backup.

    These backups are securely held off-site from the Datacentre, meaning even if the server is compromised, we'll have a method to recover your files and get you online again as soon as possible.

  • Control Panel Access
    CPanel™ LAMP server

    CPanel™ is a flexible backend control panel that is used to administer your server & is considered to be one of the most popular tools in the industry.

    Should you wish to move or upgrade your website to a different server, Cpanel makes it extremely easy to migrate your data.

  • Carbon Neutral
    Carbon neutral servers

    We pride ourselves in working with a truly carbon neutral Service Provider & Data Center.

    Our aim is to provide a professional & ethical business model from top-to-bottom ‐ We do this by careful selecting our partners and assessing their business ethics accordingly.

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