Marketing your Business Online

Why do I need marketing?

Marketing is one of the most important conversations I have with clients regarding their website. It is a common misconception that once a website is live, it will naturally generate its own traffic which leads to new sales and customers.

This couldn't be further from the truth. If the site is regularly updated with fresh and useful content, it will generate organic results in search engine queries over time. In addition, paid advertising, when implemented alongside good SEO, will give an even greater return on your investment.

Marketing your business online is an ongoing process. There are numerous methods to implement it, and some will be more successful than others depending on how your business operates.

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What can you do for my business?

Marketing for large companies is usually performed by a team, across an array of channels, who have spent their entire professional lives studying marketing.

What I offer is the building-blocks to market your business. If your business is new and has the intention to grow quickly nationally or internationally, we can discuss various agencies that will fulfil your specific requirements. If you are operating a small business in a set geographic region or are offering a niche solution, we can handle the marketing together.

I will provide help with a range of fields, including organic SEO, paid advertising and social media advertising. I can also produce graphic design elements that are suitable for both online and print-ready materials.

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The marketing magic bullet doesn't exist

You should be wary of any company that promises instant results with marketing. Anyone who promises to get you onto the first page of Google is being either naïve or dishonest. Those who can deliver are very likely using methods considered underhand by companies such as Google and Bing. While they may initially reap rewards, eventually you will be penalised and it is very hard to recover your business profile if you've been blacklisted for improper marketing techniques.

The key to good marketing is hard work, understanding your target demographic, monitoring your campaigns and adjusting them according to the analytical data that your website produces.

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