Professional Web Design & Development

JAG Online Solutions helps small businesses achieve a big online presence

The Internet never stops growing and businesses need an online presence that grows with it, to attract new customers and stay ahead of the competition.

JAG/OS understands that all businesses are different, and tailors a solution to your specific requirements. This will give you a definite edge over off-the-shelf 'one size fits all' products.

Some companies sell websites built on the Wordpress platform, reusing the same themes and styles over and over again. They do this because it is easier for them, but it might not address the needs of your business. At JAGOS your business comes first.

I utilise a wide range of tools, including CMS, e-commerce and framework packages that are only implemented when they are actually required as part of your project.

The Development Process

The first part of the process is gaining an understanding of your business. A frank and friendly discussion will help me to ascertain your requirements from the outset.

Together we will discuss:

  • Your Business Goals: What do you want your website to do for your business?
  • Functionality: What actions do you want your website to perform?
  • Implementation: How can we make people aware of your website?
  • Evaluation: How can we measure the success of your website within your business?
  • Development: How we can work to fine-tune your website for greater success?

It is a common misconception that you can build a website - either using a company or with one of the many self-build tools that are advertised in mainstream media - and it will automatically start generating new business. It doesn't work like that. planning and a long-term commitment is required to make it a success.

I pride myself in taking time with clients to work through the details of creating an online presence. You might not be tech-savvy, but that doesn't mean you'll be treated with contempt and passed-off with an inferior product. It is important to me that your investment works for you and provides positive results.

My experience will help you see the bigger picture

Building a business online is more than just creating a few web-pages with some sharp images and clever copy. I ran my own e-commerce company for over 3 years and learnt early on that I had to negotiate with a lot of different companies to add functionality into my online shop.

For example, if you intend to handle transactions on your website, you'll need some means of accepting payments. Many people use Paypal ‐ but this is only one of many options on the market. I found that alternative merchants such as Worldpay and SagePay offered more functionality and security, mainly because they were dedicated card handling processors. This in turn reduced the cost-per-transaction expense when compared to what Paypal offered.

Writing the correct legal terms and conditions, how you handle and store any personal data, as well as operating a valid privacy policy are just some of the many areas that legally require implementation. I can help with all of this.

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